How can we help get you here?!  Getting to San Carlos is easy, but for those that have never traveled to Mexico, it might be a bit intimidating, so no worries, we'll help you out.  And, YES IT'S SAFE! don't even ask the question unless you want a dissertation on the media brainwashing the masses.   If you want to stay safe, stay out of East St. Louis and Detroit and come to San Carlos, you won't be sorry.  

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Getting to San Carlos....Planes, Busses and Automobiles

By car: 

San Carlos can easily be reached by automobile via Mexico Hwy 15. This modern four-lane divided highway runs south from Nogales, Arizona through Hermosillo and into Guaymas. Mexico 15 offers frequent rest stops and many Pemex gasoline stations. The driving distance from Tucson is 320 miles (approximately 5 hours) and from Phoenix is 440 miles (approximately 7 hours).

Detailed directions:

  • -Take AZ highway 19 to Nogales
  • -Exit #4 to the Hwy 189 bypass (Mariposa Road), turn right at light after exiting, this will then becomes Mexico Hwy 15.
    • -Note, if you take Mariposa road to the left, in the Safeway shopping center there is an Insurance agency that is very quick and inexpensive, Don Smith Mexico Insurance. Find more information here.  
    • -Also consider exchanging money before leaving the USA. As you are heading south (west from the hwy) you will see a Carl’s Jr on the right then a gas station. Adjacent to the gas station is an Exchange office. I recommend exchanging the minimum you need to arrive in San Carlos, the exchange is not very good at these “Casas de Cambio”. You can take money from an ATM in San Carlos and you will get a better exchange.
  • -Once you cross the US checkpoint, you will see a customs area, here you can park and get a Mexican Tourist Permit (INM office). It is very simple, you fill out a form, then you proceed to a bank to pay the fine, approximately $350 pesos, then you go back to the INM office where they stamp your visa. You can get a tourist permit for 6 months.
  • -Once you have your Permit and you are on your way, you will encounter 3 toll booths on Hwy 15, they are between $25 and $65 pesos. These must be paid in pesos (not USD) so it is recommended that you change some money before you leave the USA.
  • -About 257 km (160 miles) south of the border, you’ll arrive at Hermosillo. At the first stoplight, turn left to head toward Guaymas.
    • -You will need to make one more left before leaving Hermosillo. Just follow the signs that say “Guaymas”. Another little tip is that this “bypass” road called the Preiferico, is used by trucks heading south, so you will find many trucks on your same route around/through Hermosillo.
  • -Then an hour and 15 minutes later you will see the “San Carlos” mountain and an exit to your left to San Carlos.
  • -That’s it! See you soon!

By plane:

San Carlos is served by the commercial airport in Hermosillo, approximately 130 kms. Hermosillo is served by various airlines including, American, AeroMexico, Delta and a new discount airline Volaris.  You can then complete your journey by bus, rental car or we would be happy to make plans you pick you up. If you are taking the bus, Tufesa is an excellent choice.   You will find a kiosk inside the only terminal and they will quickly get you on your way to Guaymas, the fair will be approximately $200 pesos.  Once you are in Guaymas, you can take a cab (always available just outside the door) to San Carlos the fair will always be $250 pesos. 

By bus:

Tufesa Bus Lines has an international service to Hermosillo and Guaymas.  I HIGHLY recommend taking the executive bus, it is a red-eye.  This bus is super lush...AM-A-ZING!  The seats recline to almost horizontal, perfect for even for those who can't sleep on a bus.  (Side note, if you can't sleep on a bus, you aren't traveling enough)  Sorry to disappoint, there will be no chickens on this bus, as my mom literally thought (eyes rolling). They even give you a snack lunch (lunchable, apple, water and granola bar) along with headphones to watch a movie if you like from your individual screen.  Bring a pillow and/or a blanket, it can get chilly.  The executive bus will run about $20 more, but worth every penny.  If you want to know more info, send us an email. 

Departing from Phoenix to Hermosillo = $60.00 USD
Departing from Tucson to Hermosillo = $39.00 USD 
Departing from Phoenix to Guaymas = $70.00 USD
Departing from Tucson to Guaymas = $48.00 USD

Phoenix: 1614 N. 27th Ave & McDowell Rd.
Phone: (602)-415-9900/9902
We have a taxi service 24hrs. With special fares.

Tucson: 5550 S. 12th Ave
Phone: (520)-670-1534
We are 5 min. from the airport.


When to come

Average Air Temperatures (Range)
January - 60-75º May - 70-85º September-80-94º
February-60-75º June - 78-90º October - 74-88º
March - 60-77º July - 80-94º November- 69-80º
April - 64-83º August- 80-94º December-60-77º
Average Water Temperatures (Surface)
January - 63º May - 77º September - 87º
February - 64º June - 85º October - 87º
March - 67º July - 89º November - 71º
April - 72º August - 89º December - 65